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Union T.Rice: Snowboard Bindings - Mens

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>>> Union Rice Snowboard <<<

Union Rice  Snowboard

Feature :

  • Ideal for riders using a huge stance, Canted Gas Pedals on the T.RICE supply extra leverage for ollie power.

    Canting also facilitates the ankle and knee joints to be aligned, alleviating pain.
  • Raw injected, pigment free Duraflex CB nylon provides higher base stiffness and durability.

    Backed having a longer time to come Warranty.
  • Independent suspension and support, ExoFrame is the ultimate in relaxation and functioning - They handle you in, but don't handle you back.

Details :

Forged Carbon and Union patented DuraFlex Nylon integrate into a precise blend of capabilities and comfort.

manufactured by using Travis Rice, this exceptionally stream-lined and comfy highback features a today's day meet shape and strength stages second to none.

Nylon Integrate Into A Precise Blend Of Performance

And Comfort.

made along with Travis Rice,

This exceptionally stream-lined And relaxing Highback Features A today's go with Shape And durability quantities Second To None.