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System LTX Men's 2017 Rear Entry Flow trend Snowboard Bindings

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>>> System LTX Men 2017 Rear Entry <<<

System LTX Men 2017 Rear Entry

Feature :

  • Rear Entry factor In Flow fashion Binding
  • The fully similar value multidisc base food facilitates the LTX to easily mount on all boards which is made up of standard four hole, Burton three hole, and the Burton sales direct EST boards!
  • Full EVA padding on the hi-back and excessive density dampening on the footbed
  • 3D molded ankle strap is covered in highly durable polyurethane that gives largest practical consolation and instant response!
  • Warranty: 3 Year

Details :

System LTX Men's Rear Entry Step-In Snowboard Bindings : System's top of the sections LTX snowboard bindings are the new should have binding for equally effectiveness and ease of use! displaying the state of the art FASTEC rear entry/step-in design, these bindings are far better to get in and out of than any you have used before! Don't sit downwards to strap in, just slide your base in and ride away! To generate sliding your base in quite possibly far better the LTX ankle strap utilizes an autorelease perform to furnish tons of space to accommodate in your over-all boot, and then cinches back downwards together with one quickly lever! The patented layout of the rear cable locks the hi-back in site and actually tightens together with pressure, making your bindings stronger and even far more responsive the harder you ride, all while keeping you firmly attached to your board! An upgraded fully covered significant density EVA footbed is combined together with added dampening under the base pad to eliminate board chatter and develop a cloud for example ride that is unmatched! Also upgraded is the ERGO highback, a premium layout based around locking your boot in to the binding while providing a even far more relaxed and al feel! The LTX also adds an EVO ratchet buckle to alow for basic micro adjustments to the accommodate in of the ankle strap.

The 3D molded ankle strap is covered in highly durable polyurethane that presents greatest of ease and instant response! Toolless forward-lean adjust, covered baseplate and sliding strap adjustments generate tweaking the LTX to completely accommodate in your boot and riding fashion a breeze! The System LTX is the fully upgraded rear entry binding of your dreams! whole Ratchets: The LTX adds in a fully ratcheting ankle strap for quickly and basic adjustments on the fly for an exact fit! Baseplate: Fully agreeable Multidisc The fully agreeable multidisc base platter allow for the LTX to conveniently mount on all boards as wel standard four hole, Burton three hole, and the Burton technique EST boards!

perform To offer Tons Of room in your home To accommodate Your whole Boot, And Then Cinches Back off together with One swift Lever! The Patented model Of The Rear Cable Locks The Hi-back In space And Actually Tightens together with Pressure, Making Your Bindings Stronger And far more Responsive The Harder You Ride, All While Keeping You Firmly Attached To Your Board! An Upgraded Fully Covered superior Density EVA Footbed Is Combined together with Added Dampening Under The Base Pad To Eliminate Board Chatter
And generate A Cloud for example Ride That Is Unmatched! Also Upgraded Is The ERGO Highback, A Premium model Based around Locking Your Boot In To The Binding While Providing A far more relaxed And all-natural Feel! The LTX Also Adds An EVO Ratchet Buckle To Alow For painless Micro Adjustments To The accommodate Of The Ankle Strap.

The 3D Molded Ankle Strap Is Covered In Highly Durable Polyurethane That has highest ease And Instant Response! Toolless Forward-lean Adjust, Covered
Baseplate And Sliding Strap Adjustments generate Tweaking The LTX To wonderfully accommodate Your Boot And Riding trend A Breeze! The System LTX Is The Fully Upgraded Rear Entry Binding Of Your Dreams! 100 % Ratchets: The LTX Adds In A Fully Ratcheting Ankle Strap For swift And painless Adjustments On The Fly For An Exact Fit! Baseplate: Fully suited Multidisc The Fully suited Multidisc Base food tends to make it doable for The LTX To easily Mount On All Boards as wel Standard Four Hole, Burton Three Hole, And The Burton direct EST Boards!