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Snowboard Sleeve W/carry Strap Snowboard Sling Snowboard Strap Snowboard Carry

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>>> Snowboard Sleeve carry Strap Snowboard <<<

Snowboard Sleeve carry Strap Snowboard

Feature :

  • 1.

    Suitable for snowboard, ski , skateboard.

    This is a new model snowboard neck strap.

  • 2.

    tender weight.

    It can be rolled up and put in your coat pocket or bag.
  • 3.

    You can hang your board on the wall.
  • 4.

    equally board tie and neck tie are adjustable.
  • 5.

    Snowboards and attire pictured are not included.

Details :

You are purchasing one much more desirable snowboard sling.(SNOWBOARD NOT INCLUDED)

You Are Purchasing One improved upon Snowboard Sling.(SNOWBOARD NOT INCLUDED)