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Ride men's KX Snowboard Bindings

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>>> Ride men's KX <<<

Ride men's KX

Feature :

  • Spectrum Chassis System - A new featherweight injected polycarbonate chassis by using stance correct heel cup.

    A fresh financia friendly option that maintains Ride DNA.
  • Slimeback DE - An entirely new profile, the Slimeback DE is made for Riders that tackle all the mountain has to offer.

    Utilizing urethane components similar to these derived from our Slimewalls¨ solutions that absorb shock and dampen vibrations, that may help to thoroughly clean the ride while providing fluid support.
  • Astroglyde - The initial AstroGlydeTM ratchet made from durable alloy by using a sleek low profile look.
  • Thingrip - Convertible feet strap by using lightweight, overmolded silicone web for extraordinary snug boot grip.
  • RAD Strap- showcasing a thoroughly clean up type by using a high-end require a take on a look made for ease and ease and performance.

Details :

All the consolation and help you expect in a binding, not having any of the pain to your bank account.

together by using a urethane highback for a seriously steady ride the KX has got you covered.

matched together by using Wedgie footbeds for pop and a cush RAD ankle strap, this is a binding crafted to shred.

Whether you're dropping into your initial of all rail or perfecting many tail presses the soft flex of this binding and chatter free ride of this excessive back is going to come up by using jibbin' and jumpin' a blast.

by using A Urethane Highback For A excellent even Ride The KX Has Got You Covered.

matched by using Wedgie