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J-Bars Ski & Snowboard Boot Fitting Aid Eliminate Heel lift 4 pack

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>>> J Bars Ski Snowboard Boot Fitting <<<

J Bars Ski   Snowboard Boot Fitting

Feature :

  • 1/8″ Firm density foam
  • Displaces space - locking heels in place
  • Makes snowboard boots healthy and perform better
  • Eliminates blisters on the back of the heel from rubbing in the boot
  • Adds strength to toe of the foot side snowboard turns

Details :

Eliminate heel boost in your snowboard boots! Apply J-Bars to liner (self adhesive) above and behind protruding ankle bones.

J-Bars fill excess space in the heel, cutting out and or reducing heel lift.

marketed in sets of four - two per boot.

One set = j-bars for one pair of boots.

J-Bars To Liner (self Adhesive) Above And Behind

Protruding Ankle Bones.

J-Bars Fill Excess Space

In The Heel, cutting out And Or Reducing Heel Lift.

purchased In Sets Of Four - Two Per Boot.

One Set = J-bars For One Pair Of Boots.