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SNOWSHOE AS A FAMILY!High quality kids snowshoes are hard to find, but we set out to fill that need. With our 2016-17 Pika Snowshoes you can now take your kids snowshoeing and adventure as a family. Our Winterial team is comprised of outdoor DIMENSIONS: L x W x H (18 in x 7 in x 4 in). Optimal

The PERFECT All-In-One Snowshoe!Our Winterial team is comprised of outdoor adventurists that enjoy the same experiences you do. Since we understand the needs of other outdoor enthusiasts, we have designed the perfect snowshoes for you! Our Winterial DIMENSIONS: L x W x H (25.5 in x 8.5 in x 5 in) /

This COMPACT COMPLETE SNOWBOARD TUNING KIThas everything you need to have your board in perfect shredding condition any time and anywhere. The manual also includes instructionson proper use of the tools.INCLUDESCarry BagWax IronPlastic ScraperMetal COMPLETE snowboard/ski waxing tuning kit! Includes