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Imagine if your pickup got 40mpg, drove like a sports car, and cost as much as a hatchback. That's basically what the Voile V8 Ski does, except, you know, it's a ski and not a car. It's a fat, powder-loving touring ski, with a waist that's well over Length: 165 cm, 176 cm, 186 cm, 193

640400000STD Features: Specifications:

Voile HD Mountaineer 3-Pin BindingBurly 3-pin binding for use with thick-soled plastic tele boots. This binding works well in combination with skinny skis and the new breed of lightweight touring plastic boots.Read reviews for this binding.Back |

140163 Features: Available in 3 lengths to short, standard and long Set of 4 to enough for 1 pair of bindings Specifications: Short Mondo fits boots 24 to 275 Standard Mondo fits boots 27 to 31 Long Mondo fits boots 31+ Material: steel Compatibility: (short) 24-26.5 MP, (standard) 27-31

The Voile 3-Pin Cable Traverse Telemark Binding includes their classic 3-Pin Cable binding featuring a robust yet lightweight 6000 series T6 aluminum toe-piece atop a newly designed 10mm shim and a 18mm heel pad. The 3° ramp angle in the binding Material: 6061-T6 aluminum Boot Compatibility: 75mm

208517 Features: Full-wrap around stainless steel toe plate without rivets Enclosed design eliminates ice build-up Time-tested Hardwire heel assembly instead of braided cables Includes dual-height heel elevators to 65 and 100 mm Blue comes in a Material: stainless steel, plastic Boot Compatibility: