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The Stage nylon brush is great for initial brushing of skis and snowboards.  This tool is effective for cleaning excess wax out of base structure. For best results, follow up with the Stage horse hair brush, for a fast polished finished. Initial polishing brush Remove excess wax Ergonomic wooden

If you want to wax your skis like the pros, you need to use the Stage brass brush along with your iron and scraper. Brass bristle brushes prepare the base for a fresh hot waxing by cleaning and clearing old wax and the dirt that builds up in it. The Brass bristles clean old wax and dirt out of ski

Keep your snowboard sliding by hot waxing the base regularly. Make scraping off the excess wax that you iron on easier by using the extra wide Stage snowboard scraper. Extra sturdy 4mm thickness ensures even pressure across the base of your board. A Plastic scraper for removing excess wax after

If you want to Wax your skis like the pros, you need to use the Stage brushes. Now you can get all three brushes in a bundle. Get the Stage brass ski Tuning brush, Stage nylon Tuning brush and the Stage horse hair Tuning brush. Brass bristle brushes Brass bristles clean Old wax and dirt out of ski