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Fit and long lasting consistent flex has not only earned Tim Eddy's trust but also that of most snowboarders around the globe. Now more then ever, the Maysis snowboard boot is the best choice in Double Boa comfort and shred performance. Lacing System: K2 Double Boa® Liner Lacing:

Keep your season comfortable and easy with the plush feel and convenience of Boa lacing. If you haven't experienced the beauty of happy feet, now's the time with the Sendit women's snowboard boot. Boa Lacing System Fast-In Liner Lacing Comfort Foam Liner Low-Pro Outsole EVA Insole Footbed

From park jumps to top to bottom party wave laps, the Yeah Yeah binding is comfort and support that results in epic style everyday on hill. A-Line GF Chassis Women's Peaceback Highback Women's Custom Caddi Ankle Strap Hinge Mount & NEW CaLock Centering Strap Features Tool-Less Universal Toe Strap

Miracu winter ski mask suits for outdoor sports. The hat is warm and comfortable. SOFT MATERIAL: Made of Fleece, soft and comfortable to wear. ODORLESS: No chemical smell. Please wash it before wearing. MULTIPURPOSE: Protect your necks, ears, nose and head tremendously from the cold wind. Can be

Zipfy is a uniquely designed rugged plastic snow sled with a distinctive lever used for stability and turning. Pronounced [zip' fee]. How to get the most out of your Zipfy: 1. Just sit on the seat area, hold the handle, legs straight, feet forward Unique sled with a compact design Lightweight and

For a comfortable skate that will keep your feet warm and dry as well, pick up the K2 F.I.T ice skates. These skates feature the always comfortable K2 Softboot and the enhanced Enhanced Stability Cuff will give you the maximum amount of support you Traditional Lacing Enhanced Stability Cuff Water

Who knows more about dog attacks than the mailman? Letter carriers have had to deal with aggressive dogs since Claudius Polonius was delivering rolls of parchment to citizens of the Roman Empire. So what do the experts use to repel dog attacks? 0.35% Capsaicn Personal Protection Spray. Endorsed by

This package will perform best with the following boot sizes, 6,7,8,9. The recommended weight range for a 148cm snowboard is 115-145lbs. The recommended boot sizes are based on the waist width of the board and binding size range. The boards base

The North Face Osito 2 Fleece Jacket is a re-design of the best-selling fleece. This incredible soft fleece jacket is updated with a tailored waist, a cozy oversized collar, and comfortable stretch cuffs and hem for a flattering fit. This also Soft Silken high-pile raschel fleece Relaxed