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4FRNT Skis Devastator Ski One Color, 184cm

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>>> 4FRNT Skis Devastator <<<

4FRNT Skis Devastator

Feature :

  • ReflectTech & VibeVeil Technology
  • Semi-Cap Construction
  • ABS Sidewall
  • Reverse Camber Profile
  • Mega-Block foundation Laminate

Details :

Everybody owns a ski that they grab on virtually all days, or always bring no issue what the conditions, "just in case." The Devastator is that ski.

4FRNT's signature ReflectTech shape help create it doable for the ski to carve, plane, slash pow and do everything in between on any day.

The stiff guidelines bust by means of anything in their path and the 25 meter turning radius quickly sends you al rocks, trees, gapers, or anything else in your path.

"just In Case." The Devastator Is That Ski.

4FRNT's Signature ReflectTech Shape Allows

The Ski To Carve, Plane, Slash Pow And Do Everything In Between On Any Day.

The Stiff

strategies Bust by using Anything In Their Path And The 25 Meter Turning Radius Quickly Sends You al Rocks, Trees, Gapers, Or Anything Else In Your Path.